Integrated Marketing Products uses lightweight materials such as Formica Laminates, GatorFoam, UltraBoard, and SignFoam3 to produce custom interior letters. We also offer durable waterproof Celtec PVC letters for exterior applications. We also cut letters from Acrylic, Aluminum, and composite materials such as DiBond.

Dimensional Prismatic Letters

Routed from Celtec PVC or SignFoam3 HDU, these eye-popping letters are suitable for interior or exterior applications.


Brushed Aluminum Laminated Foam Letters

Suitable for interior applications, these letters are popular for proudly displaying company names and logos in reception areas of office buildings. We currently stock UltraAluminum in 1/2" and 3/4" sheets.


Brushed Bronzetoned Aluminum Laminated Foam Letters

More commonly referred to as brushed gold, these letters are generally made from Formica Laminate and GatorFoam. For larger orders, we use UltraAluminum.


Metal Formica Laminate Letters

We can laminate GatorFoam with any of the Formica DecoMetal Laminates. These are striking letters such as the Ragged Copper version shown here.


Patterned Formica Laminate Letters

We can also laminate GatorFoam with any patterned Formica Laminate for an elegant, textured appearance or we can usually find a Formica Wood Grain laminate to match the woodwork in your building.


Standard Solid Color Formica Laminate Letters

We can laminate GatorFoam with any standard color of Formica Laminate often matching the color of your existing countertops.

Sometimes letters look better than a sign... These 1.5" thick Signfoam3 letters accent the entry wall at Wellington Place apartments.
Above the pressbox at the newly rennovated Scheumann Stadium in Muncie, Indiana, these Celtec PVC letters grace the home of the Ball State Fighting Cardinals
Didn't see what you were looking for? Contact us and let us know what you're interested in. We have many different processes and access to a wide variety of materials. With our experience and know-how we can surely come up with an affordable solution to produce the quality set of letters you are looking for.